4 Mistakes you must avoid while creating a responsive website

5 Nov, 2017
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Mobile usage has escalated enormously in the past few years. It has surpassed desktop searches in 2015 and is still growing. And it’s not just mobile, people are accessing the web via Tablets, Netbooks and even smart TVs. Overall it’s safe to say that the way people accessed the web has changed completely. But it Read More

Now you can add quick links to your local listings

2 Sep, 2017
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You can now add quick links to your local results, thanks to Google My Business’s latest update! They have recently announced that local business owners will now be able to add quick links to their local listings. Currently, it is visible only to select categories of business.   But those who will be able to Read More

Now is the time to start optimizing your site for voice

17 Jul, 2017
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  Voice search is picking up the pace quickly. Google reported that more than 20% of the searches are already being performed via voice search. And due to the increasing number of Internet of things, experts are predicting that the number might go up to 50% in 2020. Well, the prediction might seem a bit Read More

Why you should be paying more attention to reviews

18 May, 2017
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  There is no denying that reviews play a huge in customer’s purchase decision. It’s so crucial that people often overlook the good products just because it doesn’t have any review and they don’t want to take any risk. Ecommerce websites, such as Amazon, provide users the option to filter the results as per average Read More

Here’s how you can dominate local search in 2017

2 Mar, 2017
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The only thing constant in the world of SEO is change. To stay on the top, we need to follow the current trends and optimize our sites so we can reap maximum benefits. Unlike other things, SEO is not one size fits all, it should be bespoke, then only it will work. Here are the Read More

Latest happenings in the world of local search for the month of January 2017

7 Jan, 2017
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Google’s strategy of closing the map maker to prevent spam might backfire because earlier it showed who made the changes, and the business owners or users were able to track them down and report if they were spammers. But after the removal of Mapmaker, anybody can suggest edits and it will go live without any Read More

Google is going to separate mobile and desktop search indexes

15 Nov, 2016
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Seems like Google is on a revamping spree. After making the Penguin real time and doing some major changes in the local search, Google is now going to take a much bigger step. The Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, Gary Illyes has announced that Google is going to split its index between mobile and desktop, within Read More

Future Proof Your SEO Strategies In 2015

20 Nov, 2014
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Probably the most important question for SEO’s or Site Owners in 2015 is going to be– “Can my website survive a manual or algorithmic Google penalty?” Over the past two years, as Google’s Webmaster Spam team gets better at identifying tactics, we have seen the number and frequency of algorithmic updates and manual penalties increase. Read More

“New Opportunities” To Improve Adwords Performance

20 Nov, 2014
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Google launched the Opportunities tab in 2009 as a personal AdWords assistant, surfacing insights to help you improve your performance in AdWords. Google recently announced the new Opportunities tab where they have added several new opportunity types and made each easier to understand. Now the Opportunities tab is even better at answering the question, “What Read More

Changes To Local Search Results Continue

16 Nov, 2014
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To start with, “Google Mapmaker” has been revamped to become the database that rules them all. Prior to this update, all the different Google services (Map Maker, Maps, Google+, and the Dashboard) all ran different databases and were required to sync up regularly via bots. This led to plenty of data and technical issues in Read More

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